Smoke Clear hood plain style

for 9th gen Civic Sedan 2012-2015 / Civic Coupe 2012-2013

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Item Description


  • Direct replacement of stock hood.
  • Lighter weight compared to stock hood
  • Fit 9th gen Civic sedan 12-15 / Civic coupe 12-13
  • Clear hood made of Plexiglass which is heated resistant and never turned yellow after a long usage but it’s breakable with strong impact.
  • No hood latch but it come with hood pins lock instead.

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Pricing Summary
Item Name Clear Hood (Smoke Clear) plain style for 9th gen Civic sedan 12-15 / Civic Coupe 12-13
Product Price (USD)
$626.35 $532.40 x 1
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Grand Total (USD)
$579.00 (Approximately 20,337.00 THB)